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Non-North American edition of Seven of Infinities

I’m very pleased to announce that Seven of Infinities is now available as an ebook outside of the US and Canada. Below, the magnificent cover, courtesy of Dirk Berger.

From the award-winning author of The Tea Master and the Detective comes a science fictional whirlwind romance against the background of a murder mystery…

On a string of orbitals called the Scattered Pearls Belt lives Sunless Woods—sentient spaceship, master of disguise, and master thief who chafes against the obscurity that comes with her retirement. There, too, lives Vân, a poor scholar with little confidence but plenty of heart, and whose income comes from tutoring a wealthy student.

Their lives are turned upside down when Vân finds a corpse in her student's quarters and Sunless Woods, intrigued by Vân's sense of justice, offers her help. Scholar and spaceship must chase the mystery around the empire's forgotten edge: from rundown teahouses to ascetic havens, and even in the wreck of a spaceship—and all the while, they begin to fall for each other in earnest. But the secrets they’ve kept from each other are large and devastating—will they and their love survive the revelations?

“With this lush, immersive sci-fi tale, de Bodard (The House of Sundering Flames) delves into a world as gritty as it is ethereal… [R]eaders will be swept away by the vivid prose, intrigue, and romance of this intricate tale. This fascinating, unusual story is sure to entrance.” -Publishers Weekly

“Seven of Infinities is a novella concerned with forgiveness, deserved or not, about cages, self-made or otherwise. It concerns itself with growth, with grace, with ruthlessness and its costs and consequences. It’s a tightly written jewel of a story, intense and full of feeling, and I recommend it highly.” -Liz Bourke, Locus

“A magnificent sf mystery, nuanced, intense, and romantic, with a complex, clever plot nested inside de Bodard’s rich, evocative, and vivid Xuya universe.” -Kate Elliott, author of Unconquerable Sun and Cold Magic

The book was featured in The Independent’s “What books to buy the sci-fi, horror and fantasy fans in your life”, so now is the perfect time to grab a copy!

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If you’re in the US/Canada:

Subterranean (hardback) | Subterranean (ebook) | Amazon US

Stories out: Wired, Silk & Steel

(cover art: Alexis Moore)

My story “The Long Tail” went live on WIRED: war, work shifts, and how to get out of sticky situations using statistics…. You can read it for free here.

Silk & Steel, which contains my story “The Scholar of the Bamboo Flute”, inspired by Vietnamese folklore and Revolutionary Girl: Utena, is now out in ebook and paperback.

Advance reviews for Fireheart Tiger

(cover art: Alyssa Winans)

Advance reviews are coming in for Fireheart Tiger, my f/f romantic fantasy inspired by precolonial Vietnam.

“A fascinating story filled with strong female characters and lush prose, the relationships woven around Thanh evolve into themes of reclaiming the self and recognizing that love can hide the truth about people…. Nebula and Locus Award winner de Bodard (The House of Sundering Flames) crafts a story of love, power, and what burns within. Highly recommended.”

Library Journal (starred review)

It’s a win for the sapphics!”

Charlotte of readsrainbow

“a high-stakes lesbian love triangle… convincingly combines sex, politics, and betrayal… an ideal pick for fantasy fans longing for non-European settings.”

Publishers Weekly

“Fireheart Tiger manages to be about colonialism, about independence, about love and relationships, about parents… Highly recommend this one.”

D Franklin

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